Environmental policy example

ImageAny environmental policy is important is you are:

  • Trying to win new business and impress your customers with your environmental credentials
  • Responding to tender questions which ask for environmental information about your company
  • Demonstrating to your staff that you take your environmental performance as an organisation seriously
  • Trying to reduce energy and resource inefficiencies which cost money and reduce your bottom line

Making sure that you have a best practice environmental policy is key to delivering on all of the objectives outlined above. Many companies use consultants to write their environmental policy for them. This is particularly true for companies looking at introducing an environmental management system, like ISO14001.

But the truth is you can write your own environmental policy if you follow some key guidelines and principles.

Just copying an environmental policy example from another company is not going to cut it!

The Sustainable Business Toolkit provides straightforward and practical information on going green at work. They also have a market leading environmental policy program with all the steps and good and bad examples you should look out for.